AGROW is a blockchain-based platform that optimizes the supply chain processes in agriculture.

Agrow is a blockchain-based platform that enables trading of agricultural commodity supply chains from growers to consumers and other intermediaries in the industry. The platform has an instant settlement, fast transaction speed, higher network volumes and an affordable gas fee for all participants in the supply chain. It gives users the opportunity to trading agricultural products without relying on the traditional multi-level distribution structure.

Agrow mainly focuses on the farmers, giving them the right avenue to sell their produce directly to the customers and buy fertilizers, seeds, agricultural equipment, etc. To the traders, it helps them trade agricultural commodities without relying on the traditional multi-level distribution structure. Finally to the consumers, Agrow allows them to have access to quality agricultural products at affordable price.

Empowering Agricultural Blockchain

Connect farmers to agriculture supply chain and get full transparency into the source of raw materials. With the blockchain-based application, users can manage their sustainability data better through digitally recorded information on producers, farms, and communities at every value chain level.

  • Cloud deployment.
  • Track-and-trace capabilities, from farm to table.
  • Analysis of agricultural commodity sourcing.
  • Compliance with agriculture regulations.

Vision of Agrow

Farmers have been excited in taking on technology that are both reasonable and helpful. Hence, blockchain technology can possibly be a strong methodology for settling major agricultural concerns. The most troublesome part of blockchain and Agtech overall is associating the technology to practical business systems and persuading models. The vast majority of these issues can be settled by utilizing blockchain innovation, which creates a biological system where makers and clients can trust each other. Besides, giving specific item data on the blockchain can significantly further develop straightforwardness.

Agrow envision reshaping and revolutionizing the current agricultural landscape by fixing some of the key inefficiencies faced by farmers, such as difficult access to specific resources and problems with quality assurance.

Mission of Agrow

Agrow Token is projected as a smart technology-based ecosystem that aims at addressing the present issues with traditional crypto trading and transaction processing, such as payment processing delays, fraudulent transactions, and high transaction prices. Further investigation into the smart technology escrow ecosystems indicated that present financial systems benefit from Bep20 technology, which can address the fundamental issues. Every Agrow transaction is recorded on our blockchain, ensuring unequalled security and demonstrating the ownership and origin of each item. Therefore, our mission is to build strategic collaborations and ties with both local and global stakeholders.

The mission is to connect growers, coordinators, suppliers, processors, and consumers at one marketplace by utilizing blockchain technology. This makes, it easier to track and store data for fair trades in a safe, secure, and trusted platform.


  • To empower retailers to acknowledge computerized resources for goods and services, which help farmers to get full advantage of protection plans.
  • To make a biological system where various arrangements can arise from a social point of view, including cooperative applications.
  • To give the climate where innovation is used to distribute true responsibility in Agrow.
  • To guarantee clients own information, which will fundamentally diminish the ongoing information spills through concentrated monetary frameworks.
  • To make blockchain technology and digital money available by the genuine tech, regardless of whether the larger part know how it functions.

Industry Overview

In 2020, blockchain in agriculture and supply chain market scope was evaluated to be USD 133 million globally. By 2025, it is predicted to reach USD 948 million with a CAGR of 48.1% during the prognosis period.

How Agrow works?

  • Users registers at, upon which they get access to the database of producers or buyers of food products.
  • The buyer purchases his/hers desired products through the in-built commercial platform. When finding a suitable quality, quantity, and price offer, the buyer concludes a smart contract to purchase products with the seller.
  • Agrow starts the transaction processing; communicates with the logistics partners to ensure the transaction and arrange for the delivery of the products.
  • The Token Wallet is frozen until the receipt of goods by the buyer.
  • The Token Wallet is unfrozen and the seller withdraws the earned money through the online commercial store.

Revenue model

  • Brands & products: Agrow owns brands with a profit of 30-40% for the farmers with super quality and pure quantity to the users.
  • Token Value: Maintain and manage the Agrow token value. A burning of the token will be placed against the profit in Agrow.
  • Tools & rental: Rent the tools to farmers for more production like agriculture equipment, a vehicle for logistics, and products for agriculture growth.
  • Video Instructor's: A video instructor would be provided to farmers for guide in producing more, agricultural products and helping with more tips and tricks with awesome techniques.
  • Certificate: Providing farmers with Agrow certification for approving the quality of the product and assuring with the process carry for production.

Agrow Token Price Model

The most interesting thing is that Token Price Will be Raised by 3% per 10 Million token sale

How to Register?


The dashboard is a first-page impression on Agrow. The user can analyze the current price and the subsequent price of the tokens.


Every user has a unique referral link which starts from

Every user can take advantage of that referral link to earn a 10% referral commission on each transaction made by his referral users.

Wallet Details

There is a Total of six Wallet

Total Wallet balance:

A Total wallet is a wallet of a total of all the other wallets from the dashboard and may also consider as a final wallet for the Agrow.

Angel Wallet Balance:

Angel wallet is a wallet for the token balance which users bought during the Angel Round or ICO Round; this wallet is a total of bonus tokens also ( Angel Wallet = ICO tokens + Bonus Tokens).

Bounty Balance:

A bounty wallet is a wallet of free tokens earned by the users for the promotional activity done by the users on Agrow from their different social media platforms, For rewards.

Bounty Ref. Commission:

This wallet only indicates the referral commission users earned from their bounty referral. Every user can take advantage of that referral link to achieve a 10% referral commission at each bounty activity made by his referral users.

Angel Ref. Wallet(Token):

Every user can take advantage of that referral link to earn a 10% referral commission on each transaction made by his referral users. Here, the 10% would be split into two parts of 5% as a token, which will be updated to this Wallet.

Angel Ref. Wallet Balance ($):

Every user can take advantage of that referral link to earn a 10% referral commission on each Transaction made by his referral users. Here, the 10% would be split into two parts of 5% as USDT, will will be updated to this Wallet.

Buy Token

A very first important note in buying token is that token price keep rising by 3% after every 10 million token sales.

How to Buy Token?

Easy steps to own the Agrow tokens
  • Select the Coins ( BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, USDT{ BEP-20, TRC-20, ERC-20 } ,CTXX).
  • A second and essential step is to select Bonus.
  • Amount Of Contribute where the user has to update the USD balance which he is willing to buy worth of tokens against that value. Minimal buying value should match for qualifying. A USD value will be auto-converted into the selected coin selected by the user.
  • A user can see the entire calculation of the Token allocated to the user, and an analysis of that is ( USD value / current price of the Token) + (Bonus Token = Pre Bonus Token * Bonus %) = Final Agrow Tokens.
  • The final step before swapping the tokens is for users to select the check box that says I accept Privacy Policy | Term & Conditions.
  • Click on the buy button for the start payment button.
  • A payment barcode with a wallet address appears to the user for the payment for the selected coin against the Agrow Token.
  • Users can select any convenient option, scan the barcode, copy the wallet address, and make a manual payment before the timer expires.
  • Important note: Users must pay some extra (for the gas frees) to get 100% of the final tokens mentioned. If the user produces the less amount, they will get tokens against the value received by the Agrow Team.

Staking Program

  • Staking is a Key Feature of the Agrow where users can stake their dashboard tokens to earn extra tokens against their current tokens.
  • The Agrow allocates 3 APY for the users against the token locked for staking based on duration.
  • First, Staking for 90Days with a benefit of 36%, Locked Amount Limits Minimum:100 & Maximum:30000.
  • Second, Staking for 180Days with a benefit of 72%, Locked Amount Limits Minimum:100 & Maximum:70000.
  • Third, Staking for 360Days with a benefit of 120%, Locked Amount Limits Minimum:100 & Maximum:150000.
  • Users can check every detail against their staking and monitor on the same page.
  • Every user can check the staking details of the company at directly.


  • Users can check and monitor every transaction detail in the Payment Transaction section.
  • Users can check and monitor every transaction detail of the Agrow tokens, such as bounty token, referral tokens Transaction at Other Transaction section.


  • Every user has a unique referral link which starts from
  • Every user can take advantage of that referral link to earn a 10% referral commission on each transaction made by his referral users. Here the 10% would be split into two parts of 5% as a token which will be updated to this Wallet.
  • Every user can take advantage of that referral link to earn a 10% referral commission on each Transaction made by his referral users. Here the 10% would be split into two parts of 5% as USDT, which will be updated to this Wallet.
  • Users can monitor and track their Referral details on the referral page.

Marketing Tool

  • The Agrow also provides a marking tool for the community to utilize the branding for the users.
  • The community can use the # provided by the Agrow.


What is KYC or Identity Verification?

KYC is an acronym for "know your customer" or "know your client." It refers to verifying a customer's identity, typically by a financial institution. Identity verification requires information that can be used to verify your identity, like a valid ID card, utility bills containing your home address, a passport, etc. ID document requirements vary from institution to institution and even region to region.

Customers are typically required to submit identity verification documents during account opening and, at times, when there has been a change in the user's personal information. For example, if you officially change your name a few months after creating your account, you will be required to update your personal information.

  • If you do not complete the KYC process, you may not be able to access all the features on an Agrow Platform. For example, Agrow allows customers to create accounts, use essential functions and perform limited transactions without submitting KYC information. Customers must complete the KYC verification process to gain full access and withdrawal limits.


  • All information about the user is stored here and also can be updated from the account/Profile section.
  • User can change the password for security reasons, and at the account/Change password tab.
Update Wallet Address
  • This is the most crucial part of the dashboard; users have to submit their wallet address (BEP-20 & TRC-20) and verify the details. These details, once updated, can't be changed. If users want to change the wallet address, then they have to connect support team at [email protected]


  • The most trustful section of the Agrow is that users can withdraw their earnings from the Angel Ref. Wallet Balance ($).
  • Step - 1: Users have to select a wallet address where they want to withdraw the earnings. If they haven't updated their wallet details, they can't find any wallet address for them. Follow the Account related info.
  • Step - 2: Enter the desired amount withdraw section (-amount less than equals to wallet balance of angel Ref. wallet balance ($).
  • There will be Transaction charges will be applicable, and Agrow pre-defines that.
  • After the entire complete process, users have to wait for the transaction.


Agrow is specified by Four Major and Important Features for its Special Users:

  • Partners.
  • Ambassador.
  • Coordinators.
  • Farmers & Other Important Utility Users.

Partners (Ambassador)

Agrow is an innovative, blockchain-based platform that enables trading agricultural commodity supply chains from growers to consumers and other intermediaries in the industry.

Join agrow to become a partner and get the best of all the worlds services. For any contribution partners make at the Agrow platform, they offer bonuses and benefits that will enable a partner to earn without limits. On top of this, partners can access or transfer their tokens to referrals at their price.

How to Register

Partners have to submit the details before qualifying for the particular role at

Partners must also provide a Profile Image that Profile will update on the Company Profile page.

Benefits of the Partners

  • Partners can buy tokens days before the launch date.
  • Partners will get up to a 50% bonus at the time of purchase.
  • Partners can also sell or transfer their tokens at their price to gain profit.
  • Partner will be provided with a different ID, specifically by partner only.
  • To get the login procedure partner has to use the given ID.
  • Partners have the right to execute specific procedures to gain price by selling or transferring their tokens to anyone at a discount.
  • Partners can become Agrow ambassadors anytime.
  • Approved currencies are: BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX,USDT,CTXX

How to Register?

Partners have to submit the details before qualifying for the particular role at

Partners must also provide a Profile Image that would be updated on the Company Profile page.

Steps for Transfer Token

Agrow is an innovative, blockchain-based platform that enables trading agricultural commodity supply chains from growers to consumers and other intermediaries in the industry.

  • Partners have to log in to the dashboard.
  • At the bottom, there is the option of transferring tokens.
  • Fill up the required details accordingly and provide the correct email ID of the transferee.
  • After filling up the details with double-check, click on the Transfer button.
  • Partner can view the transfer token in the upper right corner of the Dashboard.


A strong ambassador program is the best solution.

An ambassador is a vital component of the project. The role of the ambassador is to promote and make referrals to friends, family, and colleagues interested in purchasing tokens.

We reward our ambassadors for their efforts. Agrow will pay them commissions for every friend and colleague they refer who purchases Agrow tokens.

The benefit of being an ambassador is earning a referral commission of 10 % and 5% of the total business volume sale on token.

Ambassadors will encourage people as they earn while they refer others; the more users join the platform, they will be rewarded with 10 % commissions.

Ambassadors can also apply for Partners Program and take all the partners advantages as well

Benefits of Ambassadors

  • Make business transactions with Agrow project.
  • Ambassador's strongest benefits is that they can earn from self-referral program, where they get 5% commission at his entire teams volume (e.g :- Mr. x has referred 10 users and those users referred other users, then the ambassador will be beneficial of entire teams business volume generated by his team. Hence, Mr. X Will earn 5% commission on that).
  • Carry out promotional activities to promote the project and sell tokens.
  • Each referral will lead to a 5% commission on the Total Business Volume generated under their team.
  • Eligible for an additional 10% commission on referral that would be split in 2 parts; 5% in token and 5% in Dollar
  • They will easily refer reliable customers.
  • Start a referral program for sales.
  • A great way to make earnings.

Agrow Coordinator

Be a part of Agrow - "Empowering Farmers" team to help connect a Blockchain-based agricultural supply chain globally. Review the page for applicants' descriptions and submit the details at to qualify for Coordinator.

At Agrow, our mission is to enable smallholder farmers to grow more, earn more and provide more for their families and communities. We make an efficient agricultural aupply chain that enables our customers to farm year-round.


The Agrow Coordinator will be a key person who plays a vital role in the agricultural supply chain; the Coordinator has to juncture farmers, fertilizer provider, suppliers, equipment providers, logistics, and wholesalers.

Agrow Coordinator have to connect local product providers and build a local ecosystem of farmer, fertilizer provider, suppliers, equipment providers, logistics, wholesalers and develop relationships with them.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Organising and conducting demonstrations of the Agrow Mart and other marketing Activities for the Agrow.
  • Monitoring the achievement and activity if any of the local networks face any problems with the Agrow Mart Portal.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date database of potential users in your operational area.
  • Conducting surveys and collecting data from farmers and others in their fields.
  • Identifying potential new customer geographies.

Preferred skills

  • Firm grasp of agriculture and allied activities.
  • Good understanding of rural communities.
  • Preferably fluent in local languages.
  • Ability to manage partnerships and networks.

Please complete the registration (Coordinator).

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