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About Agrow

Agrow is a distributed ledger technology-based, decentralized platform that enables trading of agricultural commodity supply chains from growers to consumers and other intermediaries in the industry. Agrow enables instant settlements, fast transaction speed, higher network volumes and an affordable gas fee for all participants in the supply chain. As a new blockchain-based platform, Agrow is used for trading agricultural products without relying on the traditional multi-level distribution structure.

Mobile Application

Agrow Co-ordinator

You can earn by becoming an CO-ORDINATER of Agrow Mart Online and creating your own employment in your rural area and the company needs one or more Village Assistant in every village to increase the income of the farmers. To help the farmers to sell their produce directly to the customers and buy fertilizers, seeds, agricultural equipment etc. The selection will be through interview and the decision of the company will be final.

Agrow Partner

Agrow is an innovative, blockchain-based platform that enables trading agricultural commodity supply chains from growers to consumers and other intermediaries in the industry. Join Agrow to become a partner and get the best of all the worlds services. For any contribution partners make at the Agrow platform, they offer bonuses and benefits that will enable a partner to earn without limits. On top of this, partners can access or transfer their tokens to referrals at their price.


The mission is to connect growers, coordinators, suppliers, processors, and consumers at one marketplace utilizing blockchain technology, making it easier to track and store data for fair trades in a safe, secure, and trusted platform


Agrow is an initiative that focuses on changing the current state-of-the-art in the agricultural sector. We envision reshaping and revolutionizing the current agricultural landscape by fixing some of the key inefficiencies faced by farmers.

Agrow blockchain makes it easy to connect with and conduct business with other entities effectively, efficiently, and securely. Agrow ecosystem is a power of the agricultural industry - farmers, traders, and manufacturers unite to form this innovative cooperation network between all agrarian market participants in the supply chain.


Overall, merchants lack clearness in this process and lose track of essential transactions. Centralized bodies, especially private agencies that certify crop produce, may not be trusted by international importers.


Every transaction made starting from the origin of the product till the bill of lading will be securely stored on blockchain. To solve this issue, Agrow brings in smart contracts in our blockchain without the need for a centralized body.

Agrow Ecosystem

"We believe in the power of data. We verify your product, receive it, perform data analysis, reporting, and actionable insights back to you, and give you placement for your product on our platform."

Why Blockchain?

Contract in
Farmers & master
Distributors or
Inspection certificate & Insurance papers
Purchase Invoice
Optimization of supply chain
Wallet Transactions details between merchants
Transportation Invoice

Why Blockchain

  • Contract between Farmers & master distributors/retailers

    On the Agrow platform, farmers will get business on getting approached by master distributors registered on our site. A digital contract will be made between the farmer and master distributor/retailers on confirmation and availability of the required material.

  • Inspection certificate & Insurance papers

    Every farmer will add details about their produce, such as harvest & yield data, demand & sales price data, and request inspection & insurance. Once the inspection is complete, Agrow will formulate a Blockchain inspection & insurance certificate.

  • Purchase Invoice

    Once the contract is made between both parties and the order for the required material is confirmed, a purchase invoice will be made stating the prices set and sold by the farmers, which will also be stored on Blockchain.

  • Optimization of supply chain

    We allow farmers to set their own prices properly and optimise their own produce. Prices will differ based on the party if he's buying the produce in bulk or limited quantity(Wholesaler or retailer).

    Agrow is an online platform connecting farmers to buyers. Farmers get to list their produce and set their own prices. It also provides a convenient cashless payment method.

  • Wallet transaction details between merchants

    Agrow helps farmers sell their produce at a low transaction cost, and faster payment. Transactions between both parties are recorded in real-time, making it easier to due diligence with each other.

  • Transportation Invoice

    Transportation activities from shipment requests to the bill of lading will be documented and stored on the blockchain.

Agrow Features

  1. Register
  2. Database Access
  3. Buy/Sell Product
  4. Invoice on Blockchain
  5. Distribution
  6. Consumer



  • Concept Creation and Ideation
  • Market Analysis and Industry Overview
  • Website Development

  • launching Agrow Website
  • Publish Whitepaper 1.0
  • launch of Token
  • Registration Portal for Users
  • Planning Of Marketplace

  • Accumulation of Products
  • Product Quality Check
  • Smart Contract Creation Between Entities
  • Fully Furational marketplace

  • Listing on DEX platform
  • referal Program Launch
  • Coin Market CAP listing
  • Logistics for Products distribution
  • Security Audit

  • Blockchain Certification of Transaction
  • Growers and Consumers Tie Up

  • Agrow V2 Website Launch
  • V2 Whitepaper Lauch

To Be Continue ...


Token Distribution

Fund Allocation

Press release


Agrow connects you with top-notch agricultural advisors (emissaries) around the globe to solve all problems related to their products.

Farmers & merchants need to maximise their income gains from production gains. Agrow is a platform where anyone can sell their harvests/products for the best price, and drive market engagement.

We bring the best blockchain solutions to keep a track of transactions. Agro Holdings provides a platform for businesses to simplify the trading process, including documentation and data exchange, to achieve automated trade.

Don’t worry!! Banking hours and holidays do not apply to this platform. Cryptocurrencies, by design, are decentralized. Transactions can take place at any time from anywhere in the world and is peer-to-peer, making them completely secure.

Agrow is powered by the Binance blockchain and provides transparent, fast, confidential, and fraud-resistant financial transactions that benefit producers, processors, suppliers, and consumers.

Send the required tokens to any recipient in any country with a single command. There's no transaction passport, the transaction will be immediate, and there's no need to pass financial controls (unless defined explicitly by you).

Agrow allows individuals to gain more control over their wealth, better privacy protection, and greater independence from financial institutions.

Agrow is changing the way to transfer funds from A to B by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Fast transactions can take 1 to 10 days, whereas Agrow transactions can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

When you accept payments in Agrow token, there will be no chargebacks. As a result, firms that use blockchain technology for transactions don't have to worry about chargebacks

Say No to inflation with Agrow because of the system's strict supply limits and algorithms. No entity will inflate digital currency because there is no regulating authority or intermediary. As a result, inflation risk is lessened when digital currency is used.

Digital Currencies give you the ability to offer an additional payment process for your customers. Because digital currency is not backed by a bank, it provides a payment system that offers instant transactions, lower fees and fraud protection. Consumers will have peace of mind knowing that their personal financial information is safe with processing systems.